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Mailbox Accessories – From Plaques To Lights

Mailbox accessories add additional functionality and style to every mail box.  Mail box products can be purchased through several online sources which provide a vast array of selections for you to choose from.

There are many types of mailbox accessories the market today; products range from decorative plaques to lights and locks. There are also many online merchants that provide quality accessories for your mailbox.

Mailbox Accessory Types

One such accessory is the mailbox cover.  Mailbox covers are versatile and available in various themes for all seasons.  Covers normally fit any standard T1 size (6 inch wide) metal, plastic, fiberglass or aluminum mailbox.  They can quickly and easily be placed on or removed from the mailbox. Many are even fade resistant.

Another accessory available for mailboxes are name and address plaques.  Plaques are available for both wall and post mounted boxes.  Decorative plaques prominently displaying your street address adds style and character to any mailbox.  Many plaques come with hardware for easy mounting to most plastic and metal mailboxes.  Your plaque should be made from a rust-free material and weather-resistant.  Some plaques are elaborately engraved and others are illuminated for easy nighttime viewing from a distance.

Identity theft is a growing problem in many areas.  To help curtail identity theft, many homeowners are installing locks on their mailboxes to keep would-be thieves at bay.  Many mailboxes are available with a built-in locking mechanism.  If your mailbox is not equipped with a lock (which most residential wall mounted and novelty mailboxes are not), you can purchase one from several online sources.  Locks are essential for deterring thieves and are extremely important when the homeowner is away for several days and unable to retrieve the mail.

If you purchase a lock for your mailbox, make sure there is a slot that is large enough to accommodate your normal mail delivery.  The U.S. Postal Service will not open locked boxes nor will they accept a key for that purpose.  Locks can be installed on both post and wall mounted mailboxes.

Mailbox flags

An upright red flag on mailboxes is used to signal that you have outgoing mail inside and want the mail carrier to stop and pick it up.  The mail carrier then lowers the flag and picks up the mail.  Some homeowner’s like to spruce up their mailbox by trading in their standard red flag for something which more reflects their personality.

News Paper Receptacles

Newspaper holders or receptacles are also another favorite add-on for post mounted mailboxes. The U.S. Postal Services allows the attachment of these devices as long as it does not touch the mailbox or use any part of the mailbox for support.  The holder should not interfere with the delivery of the mail or obstruct the view of the mailbox flag.  Also, the holder should not extend beyond the front of the mailbox when the door is closed (as per 2.11 of D041 of Customer Mail Receptacle provided by the U.S. Postal Services).  For many wall mounted boxes, the newspaper holder and mailbox are all one piece and are exempt from the U.S. Postal Service code.

A fairly recent addition to mailbox accessories is a mail alert system which signals the homeowner that mail has arrived.  There are a couple of different types of mail alert systems.  A mail chime is a system that will send a signal to a device located in your home which will play music, a tone or blink when mail has arrived.  Some mail alert systems will raise a flag on the outside of the mailbox indicating mail has been delivered.   Mail alert systems can be installed on any type of curb mounted box, wall mounted box and even mail slots.  With a mail chime there is no more guessing as to whether the mail as arrived.  Now there’s no excuse for wasted trips to the mailbox and that’s great especially if you have to walk a long ways in the cold and wet weather!

Mailbox Toppers

The last category of mailbox accessories is the mailbox topper.  Mailbox toppers are decorative structures which easily fit on the top of the mailbox.  Some toppers are used as a way of displaying the home address.  Others use decorative toppers as an inexpensive way to decorate a mailbox.

Your personal style speaks volumes about who you are so it’s just natural that your style should reflect in the way you decorate your mailbox.  Your mailbox should be decorative as well as function and should make a statement about your unique personal style. Check out Amazon for large selection of mailbox accessories.