Mailbox Regulations

Mailbox Regulations – Regulations You Shouldn’t Ignore

The USPS (United States Postal Service) has mailbox regulations regarding residential mailboxes and mail delivery.  Mailbox requirements are designed to standardize the mail receptacle, mail delivery and pickup.

Post Mount and Curb Side Mailboxes

There are regulations regarding curbside mailboxes.  A curbside mailbox can be one of three size for residential mail:-

  • Small T1 (C1)size is approximately 5 inches wide by 6 inches tall and 18 ½ inches long.
  • Medium T2 (C2) size is approximately 6 inches wide by 7 inches tall by 19 inches long.
  • Large T3 (C3) size is approximately 8 inches wide by 11 ½ inches tall by 22 ½ inches long.

The “T” stands for Traditional and the “C” stands for Contemporary.  The dimensions reflect the minimum interior size.

The Importance of Mailbox Positioning

Curbside or Post Mount Mailboxes

The curbside mailbox post should be positioned 6-8 inches from the curb and approximately 42-46 inches high measured from the lawn to the top of the installed curbside mailbox, not the top of the post.  If the post has a vertical arm, the arm should not extend any closer than 6 inches from the curb.  When installing your new set, make sure your set complies with these regulations.

Be cautious when building your own mailbox and post. Approximately 100 motorists are killed yearly in collisions with curbside mailboxes.  Some posts are mounted in concrete or constructed of indestructible materials. In a collision, a motor vehicle can be severely damaged and its occupants injured or killed.

Placement of Wall Mount Mailboxes

The USPS does not have rules or regulations for wall mount mailboxes, however, you should notify your local mail carrier before installation to ensure proper placement of the mailbox and check for any local codes or regulations governing placement of the mailbox.  The mailbox should operate easily and nothing should obstruct the opening and closing of the lid.

If you live in a community governed by a home owners association then they will have their own rules or requirements which you need to comply with.


  1. Kim Evans says

    I would like to know what the laws are pertaingin to posting association notices on curbside, residential mailboxes in a planned community.

    Thank you.

    • Thanh Lieu says

      I would like to know the management of Mobile home Park can put the rent bill and the notice to the curbside mailbox in each unit in the Park.
      Thank you

        • Jean says

          Our mailbox has been in place since 1999 when our home was built. We moved in 2 years ago. We were just told our mailbox must be raised to 40″ from ground to bottom of box by 12/30.

          What I want to know is how long has this rule been in place? Is this something new? If not, why has it taken 15 years for the USPS to say something about this? I do NOT have a new carrier and many on my street have lower boxes than I do.

          If this is a fairly new regulation shouldn’t we be grandfathered in?

          • ADKgirl says

            You may have had a carrier who did not complain that they had to open the door or step out of the vehicle to deliver. The route may have been recently inspected, and ALL violating boxes written up. Regulations are made for the safety of the carrier.
            Are you willing to put someone at risk of injury than correct your box?

          • Sharissa Monet says

            Bullhockey they are going to get hurt. They don’t want to get their lazy ends out of the truck or open the door, etc. My mail carrier leaves me messages about cutting the bush next to my neighbor’s box, and the bush is on his property. All of it is a bunch of bull. They should remember the past (and in some places, the present) when carriers had to walk with the bag. Fat America Rules!

          • Larry says

            Gone is the respect we should have for other people who are trying to get their job done. Don’t block your box and let them do their job safely and not have to get out when not necessary. It adds about 4 hours a week to their time because people are rude.

          • Sbang says

            I have to agree with Sharissa. I have lived in my house since 2013. The house was renovated in 2005, but built 20 years earlier. To my knowledge, there has only been a wall mounted mail box. I put up a curbside mail box to make the postal carriers job a little easier as I live north of Boston, MA.

            Three weeks ago my mail box was knocked over and the mail carrier did not deliver the mail, although the wall mounted mail box has remained in its original location. I went to the local post office and explained my situation. I was told the mail was not delivered because “point of delivery was damaged”. I responded by reminding them the mail had been delivered previously to the wall mounted mail box adjacent to the front and that I installed the curb side box. Their reply was “you have one month to install a new curbside mail box, or mail will not be delivered.” I told the USPS office in Manchester, MA that I would get to it as soon as I could. It is now 3 weeks and have received a threat of no delivery from the USPS. I simply have had other priorities.

            The house is 50 paces up a flat, paved driveway. The carrier actually backs the vehicle up the driveway and 2 steps up onto the porch where the mailbox is located!

            Whatever happened to USPS mail delivery policy that mail will always be delivered? Can USPS actually stop delivery?

          • Karen says

            This regulation can be found in the DMM and has been in place for 40 plus years. It sometimes takes an audit (3999) on the route or an inspection of routes or the installation of a new Postmaster to enforce Postal regulations and get the box height, inches from curbside and size corrected. It is for the benefit of the customer as well as the health of the carrier. When delivery is stream line mail is delivered on time or early, accidents are rare and the community can enjoy the delivery of all their mail without the USPS having to curtail bulk and standard mail due to time constraints. Every route is set up with an office base time as well as street delivery base time that must be adhered to daily. The carrier is alloted time for every function performed in the line of duty. There’s disapline for time wasting practices, deviating from line of travel etc etc. There are numerous factors the public is unaware of and what may seem like an over blown stupid concern on our part is actually a very big deal to the carriers, the community and the postal personnel who work the incoming and outgoing mail daily. To be honest, having to hang out the LLV window to reach a box is a pain in the arm and neck and yes the but too. Just for fun try delivering to your box or ride around the town for 4 to 6 hours with a 30 minute lunch and a 10 minute afternoon break. I’m not asking for pity as being a mailman/lady is a great job however it does come with a lot of obstacles and regulations. Cold winters, hot summers and something new to encounter daily.

    • Jonathan Martin says

      You can post notices on the outside of a mailbox as long as it does not interfere with the pick-up or delivery of the mail,,,,,I am a USPS Letter Carrier

      • Knowledge Hound says

        NO, YOU MAY NOT:
        The USPS Domestic Mail Manual states that “no part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage, including items of matter placed upon, supported by, attached to, hung from, or inserted into a mail receptacle.”
        In other words, the mailbox may not be used for anything other than for pieces of mail with postage attached. The USPS Domestic Mail Manual goes on to states that it is a federal offense and there is a significant penalty for violating this law.

          • Chox says

            Newspapers can be inserted into the mailbox on Sundays and Holidays only if they are removed before mail delivery time the following workday.

      • Diana and Raymond Brown says

        We are new to the area and I noticed that the mail person usually delivers mail to the boxes around 2:30 in the afternoon. My question is this, can I put mail outgoing with postage stamps on them to get mailed. If this is okay, how does the mail person know that there is mail to be delivered in the mail box? We have never lived in a country setting neighborhood and we are originally from Illinois.

        Any assistance you could give would be appreciated.

        I want to follow all laws and regulations faithfully.

        • Rhea Ramsey says

          Your mailbox should have a flag, you raise it to tell the mail carrier you have outgoing mail. If your mailbox doesn’t have a flag, you should get a new one. This is what mailbox flags are for.

          • Angry Postal Customer says

            Most people know what the flag is for on their mailboxes. My question would be this: are they required, and if so, what is the law or regulation that specifies this? I know about the law stating that nobody can insert or remove marked mail into and out of your mailbox except the carrier and recipient. I also know that it is required by the U.S. Code Title 39 governing the Postal Service, for the USPS to provide a service for pickup and delivery of marked mail. I have not yet found where it is a requirement to have a flag on your mailbox to signal the carrier of outgoing mail. I have had issues on 2 separate occasions where my mail has not been picked up by my carrier. According to what I have read, that is in direct violation of the above mentioned U.S. Code.

          • Postal Employee says

            Without the flag, when there is mail in your box, there is no way for the carrier to know that you expect him/her to pick up your mail. Many people only pick up their mail every few days, so the mail sitting in your box looks like delivered mail, not mail to be picked up. The carrier would have to remove all mail out of every box, read every envelope to determine if it is yesterday’s mail for you or mail you want to go out, tripling the time required for mail delivery and tripling everyone’s postage costs. Unless notified, the carrier only puts mail in he box. If there is no mail to be delivered to your house on a particular day, the carrier will pass your box unless there is flag to inform him/her that you would like your outgoing mail picked up. Because of this, USPS requires flags on mailboxes. Do a search for USPS-STD-7B, which is the standards for mailboxes. It contains the specific detailed requirements for mailboxes, which includes the requirement for a flag.

      • jon says

        I work for USPS also, but I am not a mail carrier. I fix mail carriers mistakes, some don’t know the rules or laws and pass along bad information, you are one of them.

        The USPS Domestic Mail Manual states that “no part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage, including items of matter placed upon, supported by, attached to, hung from, or inserted into a mail receptacle.” In other words, the mailbox may not be used for anything other than for pieces of mail with postage attached.

      • KFry says

        Really? Well what about the USPS carrier that post ten notes all over my sons car because she thought he parked too close to the neighboors box and then because of that failed to deliver our mail without notice for over two weeks. I would say she needs a attitude adjustment.

        • Larry says

          I think you need some courtesy adjustment. Don’t get in the way of their job. They don’t get in your way at work.

    • Knowledge Hound says

      The USPS Domestic Mail Manual states that “no part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage, including items of matter placed upon, supported by, attached to, hung from, or inserted into a mail receptacle.”
      In other words, the mailbox may not be used for anything other than for pieces of mail with postage attached. The USPS Domestic Mail Manual goes on to states that it is a federal offense and there is a significant penalty for violating this law.

      • peggy sanders says

        fed-ex put a package in my mail box. and when i tried to get the over stuffed oackage from my mail box my mail box broke off the base that it sat on. who do i report this to. it’s my understanding that it is illegal for any one to put mail in there except for USPC.

    • LORRI says


    • Lawson says

      Postal regulations state that the only thing required on the side of the box as the carrier approaches it, if it stands alone is the address if grouped it must be on front of box if it is not the first box the carrier sees. Name , business name is lowed and helpful if they receive mail in the box, letters and numbers must be 1 inch high. Nothing else is allowed to be on box or post, painted or attached in any way . Nothing can be placed in box unless it has current postage on it.check with delivery supervisor or postmaster.

    • Larissa says

      This should read that it should be 42-46 inches from where the carriers tires strike the ground to the bottom of the box. Our tires don’t go to where the post is in the ground so we still can’t reach boxes when they are put in the ground this way. Their box could be on a hill and could be down a foot more than our car making it 12 inches lower than it should be already.

    • K. Lee says

      Any mail that is not stamped is not allowed and only the mailman is allowed access to a mailbox that is not yours.

    • says

      Some Homeowner’s Associations attach the tubes to mailboxes to insert their newsletters, etc. or they put it by the flag. No one but the resident and the postal carrier are allowed to go into a person’s mail box.

    • Donald Sennes says

      I would like to know on a row of multiple mailboxes how much space is required between boxes for access to the flag.

    • brenda says

      So far as our HOA is concerned, one cannot put a name on a mailbox. While this is one of our rules, I would also caution you against doing that even if it were allowed. In these days of identity theft and other intrusions on our privacy, it just may not be the best idea to put your name on your mailbox. Hope this is helpful.

    • Matt Harrell says

      The only thing the USPS requires on the mailbox is your house number. If the HOA says no names, they are within their rights.

  2. Margarite says

    3.1.4 Clear Approach
    Customers must keep the approach to their mailboxes clear of obstructions to allow safe access for delivery. If USPS employees are impeded in reaching a mail receptacle, the postmaster may withdraw delivery service.

    Domestif Mail Manual (DMM) USPS

    • Lillian Olsen says

      Do I have the right to post a limited parking sign on either side of my mail box?

      I live next door to a church and day care that runs out of the church. the teachers park
      on either side of my mail box and the USPS driver cannot pull into the curb and out again
      easily or without get out of his car.

    • olehip says

      Does the post master have the right to stop mail deliverly in the case we moved our mail box from crub side to 5 feet in the yard. We are putting a side walk in and it would be a hazard to the children walking on the side walk. Any help thank you.

      • K. Lee says

        Yes the postmaster has the right to stop mail if you move the box without permission and changes the mode of delivery to the box, driving up to it versus walking.

    • Brenda Ryan says

      What happened to to ‘through rain and snow and dark of night a postman will meet his appointed rounds?’ or however that was written.

      • Rural Carrier 10 years USPS says

        That saying was never a motto, ‘promise’, or policy made by the USPS. It was actually hijacked from an early movie (1920’s or 30’s) and associated to the postal service.
        The official rules in force regarding residential delivery are designed to insure the safety of the mail carrier and their vehicle, so that the carrier can safely and reliably complete their duties each day to ALL customers on the route, and be present and uninjured (both carrier and their vehicle) to provide that reliable service again the next day to ALL customers on the route.
        It is irresponsible, selfish, and unkind to expect a carrier to deliver mail to a mailbox that is in violation of the USPS delivery guidelines and/or represents a safety violation.

      • Larry says

        We still deliver. …while you stay home because it is unsafe for you to drive in ice. Thank you for caring.

        • Bob dodgeson says

          Who gets to stay home because of ice? No person I know making minimum wage gets to stay home because of weather. How much do you make?

    • Dennis Burke says

      I share a curb side mailbox with my neighbor across the street. When they have a garage sale cars are parked in front of the mail box and thus, my mail cannot be delivered. What recourse do I have to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen? Is there a Postal regulation or law that I can quote?

    • Lori says

      I too would like to know the answer to Vals question, and if the answer is no, what does one do about it?

    • rmPublisher says

      Only USPS employees and resident owners (to whom the mailbox belongs) are allowed to access the mailbox.

      • JBeale says

        Logically, a stranger should not be going through your mail, but what law covers this? As far as I can understand, 18 USC 1708 is about actual mail theft, not merely looking at it.

        • K. Lee says

          Only the mailman can access your mailbox, it is a federal offence for anyone else other then yourself to access your box.

  3. frank landry says

    Can a person put trash in your mail box because they found trash in a ditch line. They are trying to make a point but I don’t thik this is the way.

    • K. Lee says

      The USPS Domestic Mail Manual states that “no part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage, including items of matter placed upon, supported by, attached to, hung from, or inserted into a mail receptacle.” In other words, the mailbox may not be used for anything other than for pieces of mail with postage attached.
      I’m assuming that includes garbage.

  4. need help says

    help!! there is a truck parked daily, atop of my grass, and curb, and atop of my curbside mail box. this neighbor has
    5 vehicles, and says, he will not move his vehicle. we are squeezed into this cul-de-sac. he says his garage is for entertaining!! what are the usps rules??

      • reneethatsall says


    • Allen says

      Is there anything legally we can do about a neighbor that always parks at the curb in front of our mailbox,causing us to not get our mail? We have asked them to not park there when mail is due, but they don’t listen.

      • carrrier says

        Research traffic violations, in Fl during certain hours u are not allowed to park within 30′ on either side of box.

  5. Bob Laird says

    If a mailbox is not within regulations being put too close to the curb, and I hit the mailbox and break my mirror is the homeowner responsible for replacing my mirror?

    • Matt Harrell says

      I would imagine that while their mailbox is violating regulations, and while they might be required to pay restitution if you take them to court for it, if you can’t pay enough attention to avoid hitting it, it should be your problem.

  6. autoversicherung vergleich says

    I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.

    – Kris

  7. Ronnie says

    I have a neighbor that continues to park in a manner that block my mailbox. I have ask the neighbor to stop blocking the mail box but it continuse to happen. The postal personal has not been able to deliver my mail and this is a problem. Does the USPS have any rule regarding this?

      • Bill says

        This is great information and I agree but I would like and I think the person that asked would like a regulation or Law that can be quoted that states that is illegal so action may be taken and law enforcement help may be requested.

  8. gj says

    i got a question is it ok to have many names in a mailbox eventhough they dont leave here…. coz sometimes if there’s a new mailman or mailwoman in our street they dont put the right mail on the mailbox and its been 4 days. and when we check the other mailbox our mail was there… and here’s the weird thing the people that live upstairs on us they take our mail gues how i found out i got a catalog issue on dec 2010 that i got first den the next week i got a catalog with the same name and its dated on august 2010. how weird is that? and i caught the girl pulling out mail from my landlords mailbox the one that sticking out she pulled it right out and put all the mail in their mailbox and by the end of the week they clean their mailbox with the mail that she took didnt even bother putting it in the right mailbox.

  9. DeAnna says

    I have a neighbor who puts notes in my mailbox any she wants to communicate with us. What is the law concerning this situation?

      • Rob says

        Do you know the regulation that says that specifically? Regulation form and number? I’m having a hard time finding it on the net…

        • SHIRLEY HABROCK says

          The driving area for the mail carrier directly in front of the mail box has two huge holes. They are getting longer and deeper. Who is responsible for filling these holes? I live on Highway 35, Emerson, NE 68733

  10. Judy says

    Is it possible for a person living in a recreational camper trailer as his permanent location to have and use a mailbox at his rural location?

  11. Kevin says

    I have a neighborhood cluster box that does not have a drop slot, requiring me to go elsewhere to mail items.
    Is there some law or rule preventing me from installing my own box on my property. Who determines weither you can or can’t?

  12. DON F says

    I have a neighbor that insist on parking his van as to block my mailbox.Is there a law on the books regarding this issue.

  13. C Bacon says

    in winter esp. I would like my mail delivered to my house and not down the lane at a box.
    I am to old to go out everyday to get mail this way and liked having it delivered to my door/ handed to me. wish there were some rules about this for the benefit of seniors.

      • Nancy Reed says

        We just bought an older home that had a box attached to the house and they informed us that we had to remove it and place one at the street.

  14. Natalie says

    I’ve noticed that there are colored stickers placed our mailboxes. 1. A white rectangle, 2. A red circle, 3. A black circle (I think it was a circle). What do they stand for? I live in Charlotte, NC?

    • Snoglydox says

      I know this is really late, but the stickers sound like newspaper route “hints;” stickers are used by some newspapers to indicate delivery status (week delivery, weekend delivery, stop delivery, behind on payments, etc.)

    • Paula R Parker says

      my new neighbor is trying to “block” me from pulling up in front of my mailbox to get my mail from my car. My mailbox is on his side of the road I have a handicapped tag and sometimes it is hard to walk to get my mail. He has a little “flag” by the street that he keeps moving closer to the mailboxes(his and mine). He also has a security camera close by directed at the mail box. I thought the first few feet of your yard is government property anyway.

  15. Lizz says

    I am a bit upset that I cannot insert the annual civil code (paper) into my tenants mail box on an annual basis. I just had a postmaster bring me back all of the civil codes which I inserted. This is a community on private property, I have had a extreme run-in with one of the tenants several years ago and he beat the heck out of me. I was traumatized needless to say and so I really have an issue with delivering this item to tenants doors. I also don’t understand why if I cannot touch mail going in and out of the mail box, what gives postmaster the right to go and retrieve each individual paper, just to them all back to me and reprimand me for doing something so horrible. My tenants weren’t complaining, they knew I was out there inserting this item into their mailbox and besides that, earlier this year the new mailman who was learning this route, took a sharpie pen and wrote on each individual mailbox the address number or house number. It looked hideous, people were angry and appalled that a usps carrier had the gall to do this and was so naive that he didn’t have the ability to read the numbers right off of the home. My numbers were inpossible for Mr. Magoo to miss, I don’t understand why they are so government sometimes and not so much at other times. I believe their privelage is one which is unfair and we should have some say one way or the other.
    Thank you for listening.

    • K. Lee says

      It was wrong of the carrier to deface the mailbox. However the postmaster was correct in returning your unstamped paper that you placed in mailboxes: The USPS Domestic Mail Manual states that “no part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage, including items of matter placed upon, supported by, attached to, hung from, or inserted into a mail receptacle.” In other words, the mailbox may not be used for anything other than for pieces of mail with postage attached.

  16. Kim says

    I’m sorry that you did not like what I wrote, but I thought we were able to speak our minds.
    Am I hurting someone’s feelings? Obviously the good O’l Governments!!!

  17. karry says

    I purchased a new mail box because the one that was previuosly installed was cracked and my mail was getting wet.
    I set the post and mail box in the exact location of the old one. The address numbers were not placed on the box yet and when I came home friday evening the numbers were wrote on the mail box i purchased by the mail carrier with a white marker.

    Do the Mail carrier have the write to MARK on purchased property WITH OUT NOTIFYING THE CUSTOMER FIRST?

  18. steve says

    My neighbor across the street has back into and knocked over my mailbox 3 time over the past year. Both of our mailboxes are in my yard but only mine is getting run over because it is the first one to be hit. This time when I put it back up I put it on the other side of his so that they would run over their own mailbox first. The mailman is now telling me that I must move it back to the other side because it is not in the right numerical order. Is he right?

  19. Sheila says

    I have a neighbor who has now twice left letters in my mailbox regarding her/his opinion of my dog’s barking. The letters are not signed and I don’t think it’s legal for this person to open my mailbox. Is it and if not, who do I report it to?

  20. Liz Warner says

    Is it okay to put flyers for local events in the APS (newspaper) boxes? It’s not actually in the mailbox. What are the rules on the APS boxes?

  21. Nima says

    Hi, I don’t like to receive advertisements, then I put the sticker wrote on it ” NO Ads” and stick it inside my mail box.

    Is it ok?

      • John says

        Postal regulations prohibit the non-delivery of any mail, punishable by law. Basically, the junk mail postage was paid to the USPS and must be delivered. The letter carriers and the USPS are not pieces of crap. They just are doing their job.

  22. Shawna says

    I recently moved from one apartment to another thats in the same complex.I have already completed/confirmed my change of address. I asked the manager if they would notify me if the new tenant brought my mail to the office. He said they would, then added, “if she brings it to the office. But she would be well within her rights to throw it away.” That doesnt sound right to me.
    Also what is the ettiquette? I have always taken mail that wasnt mine to the mgr. Office..

    • rmPublisher says

      It is whatever the local USPS dictates. If the neighbors boxes are curbside, then you will be required to install curbside also. Check with your local USPS on their requirements.

  23. Donny Griffin says

    I put a note in my cousin’s mailbox next door to advise him of something. If that is not legal, what is the penalty? Does the complaint have to come from him?

    • rmPublisher says

      Only USPS employees (and residents at a particular location, of course) can place/remove items from the mailbox.

      • Rob says

        Do you know the regulation that says that specifically? Regulation form and number? I’m having a hard time finding it on the net…

  24. Karen says

    Is it permissible to place newsletters for the neighborhood on the mail box posts. The location does not interfere with the mail delivery. I talked with a mail carrier and they said it was ok as long as it didn’t interfere with the mail and it wasn’t on the mailbox itself. The police said it was a federal law they you couldn’t put a anything on the post either.


  25. Jason says

    Two years ago, I moved into a new town and the post office asked me as a new resident to install a mail box on the curb and I did despite that the previous owner and all my neighbors on the street have wall mounted mailboxes next to the door. Over the two years, two more new residents moved in and none of them has installed curb side mailbox(they said they ignored the notices from post office because all other neighbors didn’t have curb side mail boxes except me) and they continue to receive mails in the original wall mounted mailboxes.

    Since my mail box is the only one sticking in the front lawn on the entire street(12 houses), I want to remove it and use the wall mounted one but the post office said I can’t do it. What shall I do? Any regulation on this?

  26. steve says

    Pep;e keep knocking down my mailbox I’ve confronted them and thay told me that they were goning ti fix it .What is the law on this?

  27. Greg says

    The USPS is requiring that a mailbox tower be erected to service some 40 commercial tenants in my building. Each tenant does have a mail slot in their doors to receive mail. Do I have to build this tower?

  28. Michele says

    Can the developer of my neighborhood install mailboxes that belong to neighbors on my property without my consent? I have checked with the postmaster and he states that the developer did not seek approval from him for the mailbox placement. Is it within my right to remove the mailboxes from my property given that he did not have approval from the USPS to install them?

    • Ronna says

      Michele, It seems no one is going to answer you. It has been several years now since you posted this question. Hmm…lets examine the facts:
      You are the landowner. Utility companies have to have an “easement agreement” with you to be allowed easement on your land. It is filed with the county and written in your deed also. It is private, between YOU and the utility company. It is NOT for “private individuals, like a neighbor who would want to erect a mailbox post without your agreement or the developer who sold YOU the home”. If it’s NOT in your deed, it’s YOUR land, and NOBODY has the right to do ANYTHING without first getting your permission, PERIOD. The Federal government-Postal Authority- Only has authority over the Post Box. The post on the land is YOUR duty to take care of. Therefore, so would be any post that goes onto the land, besides YOUR post. If the boxes were hit, guess who has to fix them? Yep! YOU, if you agree to let them on your property. I got this information from a case that was on line, filed with and fought in the Federal Courts in the State of Pennsylvania. A new homeowner decided to throw up a mailbox across the road on his neighbors’ land without permission, because they did not deliver mail on his side of the street. The landowners sued him. Federal law was, in short, “make an agreement with that neighbor or another neighbor or rent a postbox. You can’t go on a person’s private land and erect your box. That is their land and utilities have right of ways written in agreement, but, you, old boy, are not them…you are a private person and you don’t count.”…that was the jist, the ruling of it. (I am about to sue my neighbor, a tenant, who thinks he owns my place. His landlord has twice the road front that I do, but this tenant doesn’t “want to back up when getting his mail”.. I filmed him on video, even taking my old mailbox post with him! Theft of my mailbox post! And, I just found out he has video surveillance aimed right at my garage! I live in the country on a deadend road, alone, with this drunk!! ) I am a former RCA carrier and knew what the laws were about mailboxes, mailbox posts, order of mailboxes, and having them moved onto the landowners’ properties. I had already informed the post office and carrier I was moving the post (old one) from my land and informing the absentee landowner next door to get his boxes moved to his own property. My new mailbox would be the only one on my property then and I could just ride-mow around it. I am disabled and have friends help me with my land. The renter put up two thick posts right beside mine. And then I found mine had scratches all over it after he had erected his. Mine cost $100.00 when we bought it. It is interesting that no one bothered to answer this simple question, but had plenty to say about “mailboxes” being Federal property. The LANDOWNER is responsible for his/her own post and the height, etc. and replacement of it if it is damaged. And placement of the post IS ON the landowner’s property. It is elementary and has been established by law for a long time. It’s called “NO TRESSPASSING”.

  29. jerry says

    My girlfriend hit some black ice and slid into a large brick and block mailbox structure. It was built on a footer only 18 inches off of the pavement. The wreck resulted in a totaled car and shattered heel. She just got a steel plate and 11 screws put in her heel.I wonder if the homeowners house insurance should help us with the hospital bills. We are going through hell because of that unbreakable mailbox.

    • PoPo says

      She lost control of the vehicle. The owner should sue you for property damage. Why she lost control does not matter. It was her fault.

      You are not entitled to break someone else’s property and neither is she.

      • Susan H. says

        How does Jerry’s complaint about his girlfriend sliding on black ice into a large brick mailbox structure indicate his girlfriend was entitled to break someone else’s property? The USPS has standards for custom made mailboxes state: that as long as the construction is GENERALLY CONFORMING to the USPS standards for flag, size, strength, and quality of construction. I believe the HOMEOWNER who owns the hazardous structure should be responsible for doing just what you told Jerry his girlfriend was not entitled to do: IE: The homeowner placed an obstruction outside of the generally conforming standards of USPS, thereby causing bodily harm to his girlfriend which in turn broke someone’s property(her vehicle) You stated the neither of them are entitled to break someone’s property but by placing an obstruction that doesn’t give way, she indeed did cause injury and property damage to the vehicle’s owner and the vehicle. (So your statement is contradictory, that the homeowner isn’t entitled to break her property because she did by placing a monstrosity curbside) I have done a lot of research about those placing monument type mailboxes in the right of way, and frustrated homeowners do so because they don’t want to have to replace the $100.00 pole when it gets run over and the driver continues on without much damage…the homeowner becomes a vigilante and places a very damaging mailbox to cause harm to the vehicle so they will be forced to stop and pay for damages. This vigilante behavior should not be allowed in America! It’s costing all of us more in insurance premiums because of pure frustration. Welcome to home ownership, and those monument mailboxes shouldn’t be considered standard in conformity! I would go after the homeowner for hospital bills, pain and suffering and property damage! If more people would hold these hazardous mailboxes owners responsible for having a non nonconforming obstacle liable maybe people would stop trying to become the police!!

  30. MARIE says


  31. Martha Riggs says

    My renter has allowed friends of theirs to use the address for mail. Their friends live in another country and visit here on occasion. I thought that was illegal. What is the truth?

  32. gary jamison says

    wife & I have a duplex in a small rural Kentucky city that we rent out. This has been a duplex for the last 50+ years and is located in the historical district within 4 blocks of the downtown square.
    The local postmaster has sent our new tenant a letter informing them that they will no longer receive porch delivery. They will be required to place a curbside mailbox in order to get their mail.
    This city street is a state highway which has a lot of commercial traffic involving large trucks. It is only a two lane street which poses a safety issue of retrieving one’s mail.
    For more than 50 years residents have been able to walk out their front door to get their mail from the mailbox on their front porch.
    I have the presence of mind that this is not a standard procedure with the postal service. I would entertain an educated guess that this is a local postmaster’s rule and not a national USPS standard procedure.
    This local post office has been holding our tenant’s mail and we have just learned that their mail has been returned to the sender as having no mail box receptacle or unknown resident, when in fact there is a box on the front porch for the last 50 years. Some of this returned mail involves their utility bills and the utility service knows that the tenant lives at that particular address.
    Any insight into this situation will be of great help.

    thanks, gary in Russellville, Kentucky

  33. says

    A mailman, delivering mail, runs over two sprinkler heads and ruins them. The post office paid for repairs. Can the postmaster, then force the two affected homeowners, plus 5 other nearby homeowners, to move their mail boxes down the street onto one neighbor’s frontage while four of the neighbors, on the cul de sac, are allowed to leave their boxes where they were first installed?
    The postmaster has issued an ultimatum, “the boxes must be moved by Sept. 3rd to avoid interruption of mail services.”

    Is it legal?

  34. jerry Garretson Jr says

    My wife has her mail temporarily going to a neighbors house while we sort some things out. Can she or I check that box for her mail?

  35. mary bonefas says

    we live in a small texas town( Albany,texas) with a population of about 2200 people. I have been informed that we can not have a crub side mailbox for our home address. we were told we have to pick up our mail at the main post office in town. the mailman delivers mail by mail truck to the addresses on the street right behind our home. I was told he couldn’t deliver to our home because we’re not on his route. the town is small I don’t understand why every house can’t have their own mailbox at their home. are there any regulations that pertain to this type of mail delivery system ?

  36. Justin says

    I am wanting to know if there are regulations on House Numbers to be clearly seen in the state Of Missouri or Greene and Christian Counties to be more precise?

  37. gracie says

    I live in a over 55 community. Mailboxes are placed at the curb in front of their homes. My mailbox is placed at the curb in the center of my neighbors yard. I have asked my Postmaster for approval to move my mailbox to the curb in front of my home. He tells me I have to file a hardship claim. I am 70 years old. I want my unlocked mailbox in front of my home for security reasons and so I can access it when it snows. How do I get approval?

    • says

      My home was built in 1894. I’ve lived here for 42 years. Due to an exit ramp and new roadway next to me, my mailbox has been located at 4 different places … the latest in front of my driveway exit [round-trip 700 feet from my front door]. That spot is far away, more dangerous, treacherous walking for someone 75+ years with neuropathy in both legs and TBD with serious balance issues [from fall 4 years ago]. If the 700 feet are icy, with heavy snow, etc, , I cannot make it. Moreover, in 2012, 2013, and 1214, the mailbox was destroyed by snowplows throwing 2 lanes worth of heavy snow.
      I am asking the Postmaster to move it in front of my house (22 feet RT from front door). It is a busy street with a traffic but the CT DOT widened the street at that spot from 12′ lane to 16′ lane. It is actually safer than 217 feet higher on the street with the same situation exactly but with 12′ lane. In both cases, there is a 5-foot sidewalk the carrier gets up on to deliver the mail. In front of my mailbox, I have for years parked my van there for hours with never a problem (42 years). There is still a full lane left for traffic.
      Yet with all this, the Postmaster has so-far refused the move. No mail has been delivered for nearly 2 months … we pick it up.
      1st: Was the Postmaster able to stop mail delivery WITHOUT ever notifying me? After 12 days, I went and found 47 pieces of mail HELD without my knowledge. Is that a violation?
      2nd: Can the Postmaster continue to refuse the move.

      After all, I don’t live of Constitution Blvd! My house has never been on Constitution Blvd. I live on Long Hill Ave. … house there since 1894! What if I had no driveway?
      I am a handicapped 75 year old with CT permit. I refuse to go back to driveway area – 700 feet away RT with possible icy, snowy, treacherous walk to get my mail. It’s actually MORE dangerous for the carrier (on blind curve).
      What are MY RIGHTS?
      What are Postmaster’s Rights?

      Thank you VERY MUCH!

  38. AL says


    • Rural Carrier 10 years USPS says

      It should be … us mail carriers don’t like having to drive over poop piles and coat the inside of our wheel wells with poop either. Most all rural carriers are using their own personal vehicles to do their job. There are so many thoughtless and ignorant people out there who do not pick up after their dogs.

  39. says

    I still don’t understand y my mail box should be 42′ to 46′ in height. Mine’s 12′ short! what’s the problem can’t the mail person bend down 12′ to put mail in the mail box or r they just bunch of lazy postal workers in the US?Also, since my box is 12′ short jerks driving by w/a bat don’t have very good angle in hitting& knocking off my box….So, if I follow postal regulations & some jerk knocks off my 42′ mail box….who’s going to pay for damages…who the post office?Right, like in my dreams! 3 more days to comply, what r they going to do keep my mail!I’ll just go to the post office & get it!

    • ADKgirl says

      Have you ever delivered mail? Mail Carriers are not lazy. I work 2 jobs my 2nd job is a Rural Carrier. Physically exhausting.
      Low boxes causes reaching, stretching, twisting and bruising. Sometimes, you just can’t reach a box. without opening the vehicle door (which on a Rural Route is not authorized). It puts the Carrier at unnecessary risk. Every incident is the carriers fault, because it could be avoided. If regulation/rules are followed. So if you box isn’t proper height and a carrier has an accident (hurt themselves, the vehicle or someone else) they could lose their jobs. So they are asking you to comply with the regulations put in place by the USPS so that you can have FREE safe delivery of your mail. And you are accusing them of being lazy.

    • Rural Carrier 10 years USPS says

      I fully agree with the previous comments made by the rural carrier, and would like to add; I would bet money that your box is not only “12 inches short of the regulation”, but I’d also bet it is 12″ short of the 42″ minimum. The regulations are in place to protect the carriers physical safety and the carriers vehicle safety. The height must be ‘standardized’ and the customers HELD to that standard so that the carriers can deliver the mail to routes that may have 600 to 900 boxes to service each day, and (1) are only given 3 seconds per box to complete their duties (2) are not permitted to injure themselves in the course of delivering your mail (3) must be able to complete that route that day, and be available to work uninjured the very next day too. Because you have never had the privilege to be a rural carrier and deliver 700 boxes 6 days a week, week in and week out, you probably have no idea what the term ‘repetitive motion injury’ means. You also probably have no idea how painful and debilitating a torn labrum and/or rotator cuff is, and how painful and debilitating working each day with this type injury is. The USPS knows all about this, and has paid for way too many physical repairs of these injuries caused by illegal, deficient, and deplorable condition mailboxes. This Height Standard is there for multiple reasons … most every one is to insure that YOU get your mail every day without a problem. Respect your mail carrier and adhere to the regulations … or get no mail. Your choice.

  40. Gina says

    How often must you get the mail from your mailbox? I usually pick up my may 1-2x a week and now my mail is no longer being delivered with no notice as to where the mail is, how to get it, or what the problem is.

    • M says

      Mail is to be picked up at least every 3 days. Some boxes get full fast and wont hold more than 3 days of mail. Also some carriers get concerned about postal patron if mail isn’t being picked up. I usually will check to see if patron is ok.

  41. R.Funk says

    I live on a cul-de-sac where I have my own mailbox located south of my driveway and three neighbors mailboxes located north of my driveway on my property. I have asked these neighbors to move their mailboxes from my property because of the damages being caused to my property by neighbors and postage deliveries running over my property. My neighbors refuse to move their mailboxes from my property. One of the neighbors have ample room on his property to relocated his mail box according to postal regulations. The other two neighbors properties do not extend to the curbside. However, Pasco County had placed flags on a utility easement and had explained that these two neighbors have ample room for their mailboxes. I never have given these neighbors permission to locate their mailboxes on my property. Also, every time it rains, a foot of water floods the area by the mailboxes and my driveway due to the continuous use of the neighbors and mail carrier driving over my driveway causing lowering of the area. Having the mailboxes in their present location is also hindering me in the use of my side yard. Is there any reason why these neighbors should be allowed to keep their boxes on my property?

  42. frank rodriguez says

    if I move from a private mail box to another and I request my mail to be forwarded do they have to do it?

  43. says

    can a civilan ask for an audit of thear local post office. can said post office hold your mail for ransom for ten day’sand add a 20 dallor late fee to your mail box, Im pretty sure I paid my rent on it in med decemberYet ont the 2 end of june the closed my mail box, I thought that six month’s was six month’s to the day,I feel they are stealing from me not only money but rental time as well. what can I do?
    are they allowed to set thear own rule’s. and if they are imbezalling our money what can we do about it.????

  44. Jennifer Willard says

    I have been living at my house for the past 27 years and my mailbox has always been in the same location and I have never had any issues. In the past year I have recently got a new mail carrier and as a result have had nothing but issues. First off let me start by saying I don’t live in the greatest area which is half the reason why my mailbox is on the side of my house near my gate. If my current mailman even hears my dogs bark from a locked and closed house, he will not deliver my mail. To me this is ridiculous bc according to him my dogs can break through a double glass window or locked door. I was told by said mailman that their are rules as to where your mailbox can be… Is this true? I see people up and down my street with similar mailbox placement and I seem to be the only one targeted by this ridiculous mail carrier

    • Jeremy says

      Any info on this? I’m fighting it out with our carrier over this right now. We have a goal that is close to the box, but not blocking it in any way. We have been notified by the post master to remove it. I’m thinking about switching to a wall-mounted box. I have a feeling the carrier won’t like to get out of their vehicle every day to walk my mail to my porch.

  45. says

    I had a few complaints here in Ottawa county in holland city at michigan state. My single family residential curb side parking is not ok with them when I am parking near the curbside mail box infront of my yard, even though my car was not even blocking the mail box. The mail service said it’s not ok to park my car near the mailbox in my front yard curb side walk because they wanted to be able to have a easy access without having to get out from there car just by driving right through to drop off the mail. If I won’t stop parking my car in my curbside walk near the mail box they will not drop off the mail. & I think it’s really ridicoulis but in California state I never I had any complaints about my parking in the curbside walk near the mailbox infront of my yard. Is it true or false?

  46. wendy bordsen says

    I have been living at an address in Hollywood Florida for more than a year. With four people at the residence, and only one key. My sister just went on vacation, and the mail is piling up.
    I approached the new mail clerk on 7/10/14 and asked her politely if she would give me the mail. She ignored me because she was talking on her cell phone throughout the whole time.
    She locked the box and walked away. Today The same clerk was delivering mail and I said,”Would you give me the mail for the apartment”, she Irately said. I said ” I know, but she repeated it three more times. How do I get my mail. , “I don’t have to give you any mail.
    Please Email me about how to get my mail.

    • PoPo says

      Purchase additional keys for the mailbox.

      It is impossible for a mail carrier to know, by sight, especially with the complicated living arrangements today, who mail should be delivered, so they have to place mail into the correct mailbox.

      After all, you don’t want your mail handed to some random person who happens to be at the mailbox, right?

    • PoPo says

      Yes. This is for maintenance of the area, the boxes and providing a new key so old tenants cannot open your mailbox.Homeowner’s Association Fees can be whatever the association votes to change following their voting rules.

      If you don’t like it, run for office and convince the minimum number of homes to vote to remove that extra fee. OTOH, most associations run by the homeowners will happily provide you with an income/expense statement, so you can see where every penny goes. I think you would be surprised.

  47. ashley says

    My landlord fills out a form, and only names listed on the form receive mail in the tenents mail box, all other mail (non-tenents) is delivered to office. It helps so ur mailbox doesn’t have previous tenents mail, but it means if a friend has a letter delivered to ur place for easier pick up. They will not receive it and the landlord can see who has illegal tenents. Is this legal?

  48. J. House says

    I have a new neighbor who has undeveloped property in the woods behind my house and only lives (or camps) there part-time. He asked if he could have his mail sent to my home address. Besides not wanting to be responsible for his mail, what other legal issues might be involved?Truth is, I don’t trust his motives – and would hate to be nailed by the county for property taxes, etc. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

  49. Henry says

    I live in a large condo association. I found an offensive religious book in my locked mailbox without any postal markings or even a wrapper or container – just the book. Apparently according to building management someone had put a book in every mailbox. They are claiming it is the postal worker who delivers the mail daily as he is the only one with a key to the mailroom behind the mailboxes. Is this allowed? It was quite disturbing.

    • PoPo says

      If postage was paid for the item to be delivered, then it must be delivered.

      It doesn’t matter what the item is, provided the contents are not illegal or on the hazardous materials list which cannot be shipped via USPS.

      BTW, many people find the Bible, Quran, Torah, Vedas, Tao Te Ching, Buddhist Sutras and other religious texts offensive too. That doesn’t mean they are illegal. Heck, _The God Delusion_ is a great book, but I suspect many people would find it offensive. If it had the correct postage paid, then it should be delivered.

  50. Tim says

    I have a Property Manager client that wants all the cluster boxes fenced on three sides. I have completed one as an example and the carrier has torn it down twice. I’ve read that the immediate area around a cluster box is property of the USPS, so my question is should I give up on this job or is there a way to satisfy both parties?

  51. Barbara says

    Live in a HOA and we have centrally located mailboxes for each street. Who is responsible to maintain the boxes if one if damaged by a snow plow or car hitting it. We recently had our box knocked done by a snow plow and the local post office is giving us a hard time about replacing it. We have had this happen on other streets and it was never problem. These boxes were installed by the post office so isn’t it their responsibility? In the meantime we cannot get mail.

  52. says

    i am disabled and cannot cross the road fast enough before cars going by too fast,
    route 79 Ithaca new York, can i put my mail box on the left side of road so it will be on the same side as my house

    • ADKgirl says

      Call your Postmaster. If they deliver to both sided of the street it is a possibility. If they only drive down the road in one direction, probably not.

  53. tnewton says

    We have moved our mail box closer to our house with the approval of the carrier and due to the fact that it gets hit several times a year. We live in the city, can the post office refuse to deliver our mail ? They told us we would have to put it back in the same location

  54. Senior says

    I have a Mailbox on my porch and in the winter i put panels to close most of it up but i hang Clear plastic curtain like you use in most places . Is it against the Law to have those curtains? The mail carrier walks threw them . they have gotten stiff during the cold cold weather . Is this a Problem?

  55. Sherry Steier says

    My 2 neighbors built a double brick mailbox on my property frontage in a right of way area. I now have 4 mailboxs in front of my property. Mine, their double brick box, and their old stick box. Are there any laws to get them to move it to their own frontage. They also built it on top of my pipes. They do have room on their frontage. What can I do? If I have to take it to court are their any laws regarding this subject?

  56. karen says

    Can you cut a slot in your mailbox for delivery so I can put a padlock on the door because of mail theft? If so, is there a regulated size? This is in WA state if it matters. Thanks

  57. steven says

    My neighbor informed me today he’s going to put a mailbox on my land is there a law that says I have to let him do this.

  58. Martin says

    I just bought some land and built a house. My neighbors mailbox is in front of my property by 5ft. My proposed driveway would go through her mailbox per my building permit. I asked and she doesn’t want to move it. Do I have the right to have it moved? Shouldn’t people’s mailboxes be in front of their own property anyway? I also have the approval of our hoa that says she should move it.

  59. Michael Miller says

    Are there any federal postal rules and/or regulations that exempt residents from adhering to other postal rules and regulations? Example: a resident has 5 mailboxes on his property. All are approved boxes. Mailboxes 1&2 have his street address affixed as per rules. They sit approximately 3 feet from each other. 3,4&5 sit approximately 30 feet from 1&2. Mailbox 1 is used for delivery and outgoing pickup. 2,3,4&5 are being used as decoys for mail thieves. All 5 are under video surveillance cameras. Mailbox 3 has no address, 4&5 have the same address numbers, but they don’t correlate with the residence or the street they are on . Mailboxes 2,3&5 have the flag in the up position (box 4 doesn’t have a flag). The letter carrier doesn’t return any of the up flags in the down position, also it’s obvious that the letter carrier has never driven or walked up to mailboxes 3,4&5, they are set back from the road among plants, also a large plant prevents drive up access. Does having mailboxes under video surveillance, exempt them from following postal rules and regulations? I’ve talked with USPS employees about this and was told that all these are federal offenses. I sent an inquiry with pictures, to the Postal Inspectors Office, more than 4 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back from them. The case number is…. (Case ID:122186765) (KMM27812663V19043L0KM)‏.
    Thank you for any help you can give me!!

  60. deliveryottawa says

    I went through that the flyers were generally provided late on Thursdays, Fridays or even arriving
    late Saturday afternoon.

  61. Bette Musto says

    We live on a dead end street and our end of the street is considered to be a walking route. There are some houses with mailboxes curbside and some on the houses. The mail truck always drives this route. We have a mailbox at the curb but would like to remove it and put it back to the house. We are having issues with not getting delivery sometimes if there is a car anywhere near it. I cannot control who parks on the street.
    Someone said that we can not do this – once the mailbox is established at the curb, it has to stay there.
    Can someone tell me if this is true?

  62. Carole says

    If the street number was affixed with superglue and now it has fallen off. There is a tiny hole in the number. Can I use a tiny nail to affix the number to the box and reach in and bend the nail over so it is safe ? thank you.

  63. Karen L says

    We live in a neighborhood where our mail is delivered to our door. I would like to use a large vintage picnic basket with a hinged lid as our mailbox. It would not be attached to the house – just sit on a table by the front door on our large covered front porch. Is this allowed? Thanks!

  64. Lori Drews says

    Since when do mail carriers not deliver mail due to a car being parked to close to curb side mail box. Meaning the carrier would have to actually get out of vehicle to place the mail in box? We have no control of who or when someone parks on the street next to our mailbox.
    Postal carriers need to do there job and get the mail delivered. Even if it means getting out of the vehicle to do so!

  65. says

    Is there a regulation as to where a residential mail box should be located?
    We are in an area without curbs. Our mailbox is in the center of our property at the street; the neighbors on each side have placed their mailboxes exactly on the property line at the street. We are closed in with mailboxes on each side. We have difficulty getting in our driveway, because of one of them being on the property line. Surely the mailboxes cannot be placed within the 5ft easement? Is there anything we can do? Are there any official regulations that we could show these neighbors? I can’t seem to find a person to talk with regarding this at our post office. Thanks.

  66. Sue Bailey says

    What are the regulations concerning bulk phone books being left on the ground near mailboxes ? Would that not be considered littering ??

  67. jeff says

    If your neighborhood has “cluster” mail boxes. Are you still allowed to install a curbside mailbox and have your mail delivered there instead?
    My daughter has a home business and has a lot of envelopes she mails out and they will not fit in the small cluster box for the postal worker to pick up.
    It would be nice if she had a regular mail box for pick ups.
    I know that usps will come and pick up at your house for fee, but you have to set that up the day before and that is not always possible.
    thank you

  68. Maria says

    Is the such a rule that a vehicle must be parked 20 feet away from a curbside mailbox otherwise the mail will not be delivered? I’m missing mail because supposedly the mailman says there’s vehicles parked too close to the mailbox and I’m not home during the day because I work and the one vehicle was more than 12 feet away from my mailbox.

  69. dude named ben says

    Found a card attached to my mailbox saying that I have to list all the names of people receiving mail at this mailbox. “NO NAMES – NO MAIL”. I asked at local USPS if names are required on mailbox. Clerk (may actually have been Postmaster – small office, first name matched) said yes, I said that’s not what is in the DMM (Domestic Mail Manual) requirements for a residential mailbox. She started blankly at me. I said this card didn’t look like anything official from the post office. She said it’s something we’re trying. Said they were getting too many complaints from customers. A company started using a 15 year old mailing list, and there was mail arriving for previous residents. Also said something about income tax fraud. Driving around town, I see almost all mailboxes DON’T have names on them. Not sure what is going on. She says mail carrier will only deliver mail if name and address matches. Can local Postmasters initiate a significant rule change like this?

  70. PO Boxer says

    All of our regular mail goes to a PO Box in the town where we work and spend most of our time but we live in an the edge of an area server by a different post office. We don’t have a mailbox at our house which usually isn’t a problem but on occasion we’ll order something from Amazon and it’ll be sent FedEx part way then switched to USPS for delivery to our house. When that happens, USPS sends it back as undeliverable. Is it OK to have a portable mailbox that meets the regs that we can roll down to the end of our driveway just for when we order stuff?

  71. Jerris Gilkey says

    Problem, A lumber yard was built across the street from us. Now the trucks going in there hits our mailbox and pushes it over or destroys the post. The Yard says it is not their problem, the drivers say they can`t do anything about it, they must get in the yard. I went to the post office to see if I can move my box. They said they must talk to the manager and will call us back. I`ve been several times to the post office. NO phone call back, no info when I go there. What can I do? I can not leave it on the road or it will be hit. Must I move it to the neighbors driveway? Or move it to an illegal place away from the road? Mail boxes and poles are costing me a fortune.

    • reply says

      Have you contacted the police? The drivers say it isn’t their fault, but I think the police might disagree. Drivers of vehicles are liable for damage that they cause. Check the DMM for regulations on residential mailboxes. You should be able to move the mailbox out of the path of a swinging truck tail.

  72. Elizabeth says

    I live in a gated community with an HOA. The complex is small and houses three multi-home mailbox ‘cubes’. The guest parking is extremely limited, so many guests park in front of the mailbox, making it not only difficult for delivery, but also for a homeowner’s retrieval of their mail. While I understand that the USPS has the *option* to not deliver mail due to this type of obstruction, is there ANY regulation ANYwhere that states people are not to park in front of this particular type of mailbox, period and end of story? Thanks!

  73. Carolyn says

    I manage a homeowner association and there are large mailboxes for multiple houses. Residents or guests will not stop parking in front of the mailboxes and this has resulted in no delivery several times. Can the association adhere signs on either side of the mailboxes and a small strip sign on the front? Is there allowable or non- allowed verbiage? Also, is the set back for parking 3 feet on either side?

    Thank you!

  74. vicki fischbeck says

    we recently upgraded our front yard to conform with drought resistant plants, etc.
    While the construction of the yard was being completed, we had to temporarily move our mailbox to the curb because the steps were being repaved and it was unsafe to walk on them.
    we just received a notice from our postmaster that now we have to keep the mailbox where it is at the bottom of the steps and not by the front door…
    We did not alter the location of the mailbox, we simply put in a temporary one to facilitate the construction.
    I’m pretty upset about having to move the box and have never encountered this issue anywhere else i have lived…
    Does anyone know the answer? Do I have to move the mailbox and why?

  75. Andy says

    U.S.P.S. regulations have gotten out of hand. It is just out right stupid. This has nothing to do about safety and only has to due with these lazy over paid union babies not wanting to do their job. I’m not saying they should be delivering babies but complaining about a mail box being 5 inches from the curb instead of 6 is just out right stupid. Also if you are driving down the road like an idiot and run into a mail box it’s your own dam fault and has nothing to do with how well the mailbox is sacred to the ground. In some locations the mail carriers even stop delivering if there is a light dusting of snow on the ground. No wonder nobody wants to use the postal service any more. Even when the mailbox meats there regulations they still complain.

  76. Lindsey says

    We just moved into a new home and the mail lady wants us to put our mail box across the street in an empty lot because she says there is no where for her to turn around. Although when she told me this she had no problem pulling into my driveway and turning around and there is a turn around further down the street . What should we do our neighbor said he doesn’t want our box on his property and the mail lady said she won’t deliver to our house if it’s not where she wants it. Don’t we have the right to put our mail box in front of our house if we are within city limits? Please help!

  77. Frank says

    I own a condo where I spend only several days a month. The condo has a community (cluster) mailbox, with each condo unit having its own lockable mailbox. Recently mail sent my condo’s address has been “returned to sender” by the Letter Carrier. The local Post Office claims that, because this is not my permanent residence, I cannot have a mail box in the condo. This does not sound correct. What regulation says this?

  78. hilary says

    My neighbors mailbox is out of order on our street, it’s located in front of MY house instead of his. It is the only mailbox on our street that is not located in front of the house it belongs to. This always causes confusion with deliveries and visitors. What can I do?

  79. says

    My comment is this. Although my mailbox is not the standard Height which I believe is supposed to be from 42″ to 46″ . It is but 40″ from the ground and has been that way for the past 25years. Now I receive a carrier’s note saying that if I don’t bring this box up to standard my mail will be held. I called the local Post office and Anita Wallace of the Elizabeth City NC Main Post office told me that my mail was to be picked up and not delivered.
    I have been a Carrier, Special Delivery Driver and a clerk for 27 years and have never heard of mail being held because of a rural carrier having to twist their bodies to deliver the mail. On top of that there aren’t any obstructions in the way of this Mailbox.
    Now what I have always been told that a letter or package with a stamp on it shall not be held up to the address it is addressed to. Thank you

  80. Ralph says

    I purchased a new home last month. No one in the neighborhood has a curbside mailbox and my mail carrier is forcing us to move out letterbox next to the front door to a curbside mailbox. Is this legal? She have us form PS Form 4056 and it states that if we do not move it, she will not deliver the mail until we make this change. I think this form is only when you have a mailbox that needs to be updated to meet the specs. This is not to force a change. Am I correct?

  81. says

    Had someone else’s mail that came to our box when we first moved where we are. It just so happens my boyfriend’s first name was the same as the other persons name was and both their last names began with an M. I always put the other persons mail back in the box only to have it left again, so I wrote a note and sir led the other persons name and stated he did not live here. My boyfriend’s mail stopped comingas well. When he ordered something online and when 2 weeks had past he called and they said it had been sent back because he didn’t live at the address. The last names started with M but that was the only similarities to their names. We brought it to the Post Offices attention and our service went down from there. From then on the carrier started cramming and tearing up mail, sometimes leaving it hanging out of our box, meds are delivered for my step brother and even that was left out in a way someone could have taken it out which was the reason we purchased a locking box! Now the Post Office is telling us our box is 10 inches too high and nothing has ever been said till we complained a few months ago and we’ve been here 2 years!

  82. Sharea Goree says

    Question: my mailbox is in front of my house. A very bad spot. I want to know if I could move my mailbox to the end of my driveway, which is on another street (corner lot)? My address is Ardmore my driveway Conlon. Thanks for the information!!!

  83. Hazel says

    Live in town on street that you must park on street…I was told cars had to be 15 ft from each side of mailbox. .
    also told postal delivery vehicles do not have question is how to handle this situation. ..have tried to work with postmaster now for 2 years.
    Only one mail carrier complains and won’t leave our mail.

  84. Alissa Duba says

    We live in the country with a rural route address. We have a driveway that we use every day and an easement that we share with the farmer. Since we live on the corner of 2 roads can I legally move the mailbox to the driveway we use instead of in front of the easement?

  85. dg says

    Scenario – moved in 6 mos ago, mailman drives up our private road / shared drive, follows the loop (no mailboxes back there – 1 mailbox on RIGHT of drive as you enter) & on his way out stops in our yard to the RIGHT (adjacent to the private road), walks across our yard 90 feet to the house mounted mailbox. Contacted the Postmaster about having him park out front & walking up the sidewalk (75 feet) to deliver. PM said if we don’t want him cutting across yard (wearing a path in the middle of our yard), then WE have to put in a roadside mailbox (not sure if PM meant the private road OR in front of our home – opposite direction for the mailman route. So, even if I put a mailbox at the front of our yard, he still has to go the opposite direction of his route (unless he comes back that way & delivers later) AND the argument is that cutting across the yard saves steps when using the sidewalk would save 30 feet each day (almost TWO miles !)

  86. Annoyed Neighbor says

    We share the right-of-way with two other properties the one in the middle has his mailbox in the right-of-way , is this legal?

  87. says

    My nieghbors had my truck towed. It was in front of the mailboxes over a Sat.night ’til Sun morn. I went down to move it and it was gone.It was there about 14 hrs. She claimed to the police that it was parked illegally. she told the tow truck driver that she didnt know whose truck it was. It was actually half on the edge of the town road but half a truck cant be towed, so she was in a grey area.So we paid had to pay 150 to get the truck back. I know it should have been there, but it was too icey to move it anywhere else. Did she really have the right to have it towed??


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