Mailbox Post

Mail Box Post – For Displaying Your Unique Mailbox

For those who already have the perfect mailbox, finding the right mail box post can be difficult.  If you find the right post, it can significantly enhance the beauty of your mailbox. There are many different styles of mailbox posts to choose from.

First, inspect your mail to determine the size and weight.  If you mailbox is heavy, you need a post designed to withstand the weight of the mailbox. You need to make sure your mailbox will fit on the selected post.

Most posts are available as a 4×4 inch wooden plank sunk in the ground. Wood is the traditional choice for many homeowners.

When choosing wood, select one that is insect and weather resistant. Cedar and redwood are both insect resistant but can also be expensive and will eventually rot if buried. Untreated woods like Douglas fir and pine don’t last very long, easily rot and not insect resistant. Pressure-treated woods are resistant to rot and insects and they also need to be coated with a protectant or it may crack or split.

Aluminum posts are the most durable of the metal posts and they don’t rust like steel.  However, aluminum posts are more expensive than other metal posts.  A new post on the market today is one designed to swing away when those pesky snowplows run amuck. This ingeniously designed combination post has an arm that will swing away when snowplows bump into them saving you hundreds of dollars a year for replacement boxes.

With a little research, selecting the right post can save you hundreds of dollars and a major headache in the near future.

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