Airplane Mailbox

Airplane Mailbox – For the Aviation Enthusiasts!

An Airplane mailbox is the perfect gift for the aviation enthusiasts.  Airplane mailboxes are landing on homeowner’s lawns all over the world.  Airplane enthusiasts now have a novelty mailbox which reflects their beloved hobby and occupation.

These customized mailboxes are a miniature recreation of private and commercial planes.  Many airplane novelty mailboxes are designed around a postmaster approved standard T1 size mailbox.  These planes usually have a fat body with wings attached to the top or bottom of the mailbox, a rudder on the back and propeller mounted on the lid of the box.

Many have a “cutesy” design or cartoon look.  For a more authentic looking mailbox, try one that is custom made.  Several online merchants will create a custom made mailbox where the artist will design and build a novelty mailbox to your specifications or based on the specifications of your favorite aircraft.  Most are made from the standard size mailbox but can also be created using an oversize box.

It is important to note that many airplane novelty mailboxes are very large for a mailbox.  They can have a wingspan of 32 inches and a length from propeller to tail of 34 inches.  Because these are heavy and large, they require a special post to support the additional weight.  When choosing mailbox posts, try to select one that strong, durable and will complement your mailbox.  Nothing spoils a great looking mailbox that a plain, non-descript post!  A molded plastic post can be shaped and painted into almost any design and incorporated in many different themes.  Plastic posts are strong and durable and will outlast just about any wood or metal post.  For an oversize mailbox, an aluminum post is needed to support the extra weight.

Best of all, an airplane novelty mailbox makes the perfect gift for any occasion.


  1. Karen says

    My husband is a retired Marine, flew F4s and F/A 18s. We are now building our retirment home. How much would it cost to have either of these aircraft made as a mailbox?

    • says

      I am a skilled craftsman and in the process of building an airplane mailbox for myself. The thought had never crossed my mind to make one for someone else! Mine is going to be an F4U Corsair representing my father’s squadron VMF 323. I’m sure I could make something to your approval at a reasonable price. Please let me know if you still have an interest. Thanks – Jimmy

  2. Holly Wayne fly says

    Like to have a price for a piper Supercub mail box. Can paint myself to my color & stripes post mount thanks!

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