Novelty Mailbox Adds Flair to Your Yard

Novely Mailbox - Flamingo

Novelty Mailbox brings Pizzazz To Your Landscape

A novelty mailbox can add pizzazz to your landscape.  Novelty mailboxes are personalized boxes in unique shapes and sizes.  Many are personalized, surrounded by a particular theme reflecting the homeowner’s personality.  If you want to combine functionality and art, then a novelty residential mail box is perfect for you.

Add Some Drama!

Novelty mailboxes add drama and excitement to any landscape. Many novelty boxes are custom made from the standard T1 rounded top variety.   Some boxes are shaped to resemble dogs, cats, cows, flamingos, mermaids,  fire trucks, alligators, hammers, and even college team mascots.  Some homeowners personalize their mail box with paint.  There are literally thousands of different styles of unique novelty boxes available today.  If you can’t find the perfect mail box for your yard, then consider a custom made box to meet your specific needs.

Novelty Mailbox Motorcycle Riders

Novelty Mailbox for Riders

If you are a motorcycle fan, what better way to look cool than with a personalized motorcycle mail box?  Leather Lollipop, an online company in Florida, sells these unusual custom made novelties.  These boxes are manufactured from galvanized steel and postmaster approved.

Something for the Fishing Fanatics

Novelty Mailbox Fish and Fishing

Are you into fishing?  Then Morgan Home Accents has the perfect unique box for the fishing enthusiasts.  Their poly resin novelty mailboxes are the just the thing for your camp house, summer home or boat slip.  Some fish mailboxes are even available as wall mounted boxes.  Their standard T1 size fish mail box mounts on a 4×4 inch posts.

If you live near beach (or just wish you were there) then a tropical theme mailbox is perfect for your lawn.  Mailboxes and Stuff, Inc. is the place to visit for tropical style boxes.  They carry a comprehensive line of unique, hand painted tropical birds, sea animals and nautical mailboxes.  For an additional charge, they will also personalize the box with your name and address.

If you browse the website of Mailboxes and Stuff, you’ll notice they also provide other animal boxes such as cats, dogs, farm and wild animals along with cars, trucks, trains and planes. 

Novelty Mailboxes for the Sports Fans

Novelty Mailbox Sports Football

A full line of officially-licensed NFL, NCAA Division I, II and III football helmet shaped mailboxes are available from Amazon. The boxes are constructed of durable high impact polypropylene and designed to take a beating.

For the High Flyers!

Do you have a fascination for airplanes?  Mail Box Depoe has a complete line of assorted unique airplane mailboxes ranging in lengths from 36 to 44 inches long with a wingspan of 32 or 36 inches depending on the style.  The novelties are custom made so the homeowner can personalize the box to meet their specifications.   Mail Box Depot also carries novelty mailboxes of musical instruments, trains, boats, sports, and nautical themes.

Novelty Mailbox Airplane

For the ultimate novelty mailbox visit Manatee Crete-tations & More, Inc.  They provide a unique line of one piece original mailboxes.  Each piece is hand sculpted from a mixture of cement, fiberglass, and silicone sand. 

Just remember when purchasing a new mailbox, there needs to be room available for your street address on the flag side of the box with the letters being a minimum of one inch tall.  In some areas, if you don’t have your street addressed displayed on your mailbox the mail carrier will use a magic marker and write it on there for you!

Novelty mailboxes are not limited to just post mounted boxes.  Many are also available for wall mount. 

If you’ve searched and haven’t found the perfect mailbox which reveals your quirky sense of humor, then consider a custom made mailbox.  A custom made novelties can be designed as either wall or post mounted depending on your needs.  Use your imagination to design one that best fits your lifestyle.

A Word of Caution

One quick note about novelty mailboxes, if your area is plagued with bat-wielding teenagers playing mailbox baseball, then a novelty mailbox is probably not for you.   Novelty boxes are wonderful for displaying your sense of style and flair but offer little resistance when it comes to a bat and vehicle traveling at 50 mph!

Be cautious when building your own home made mailbox.  The post office discourages this practice for a number of reasons.  First, many home made mailboxes are not U.S. Postal approved and therefore the mail carrier may not place your mail in the box.  Second, if the mail carrier gets cut or receives a splinter or is injured in any way from your creation, then you can be liable for damages.

Nationwide, more and more plain, non-descript mailboxes are being replaced with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art revealing the homeowner’s unique style and personality.  Best of all, a novelty mail box makes a great gift for any occasion. Quality novelty mailboxes are avilable at Amazon.