Post Mount Mailboxes: Epitome of Mail Collection

Post Mount Mailboxes CoronadoJust about every driveway in America has a post mount mail box next to it.  Post mount mailboxes are the epitome of mail collection today.  In addition to being functional, many are aesthetically pleasing.

Post Mount Mailboxes – The Classic Way To Recieve Mail!

Post mount mailboxes can add value to your home by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your friends and family. Today’s modern residential mailboxes are not just for collecting mail.  Many mail boxes are an extension of your home and personality.

Post mount mailboxes are normally sold without a post.  A post must be purchased separately.  The majority of the boxes can be attached to a typical 4×4 inch post positioned by the curb in front of your home.  Be careful and read the installation instructions because some specialty or novelty mailboxes may require additional hardware and support for installation.

When selecting a a post mounted mailbox, choose one that is rust proof and weather-resistant.  Nothing spoils the look of a perfectly manicured lawn than a rusty, dilapidated or peeling mailbox.

Large Variety From Which To Choose

Designs for individual boxes range from very basic to sophisticate depending on the owner’s preference. 

The most popular type of post mount mailboxes are either solid black or white mounted on a single 4×4 inch post.  Most boxes are available in standard size (T1), large (T2), and extra large (T3).  While these are functional, they are not aesthetically pleasing.  These boxes can easily be dressed up by adding a garden or mailbox cover.

Many residential boxes boast uniquely hand painted designs depicting everything from flowers to landscapes.  Victorian styles mailboxes display ornate detailing and designs along with functionality.

Popular mail box brands are Streetscape, Ecco, Blue Grass and Special Lite.

Many designs and manufacturers offer accessories for your box.  Such features include newspaper holders, metal signs or plates displaying the home address and residence name, mailbox toppers, and outgoing mail flags.


Post Mount Mailboxes Oasis LockingAn important accessory for any mailboxes is a locking mechanism.  Mailbox locks help to curtail identity theft, mail theft, and vandalism.  Locks are critically important when the homeowner is away for several days and unable to retrieve the mail.

Many residents are plagued with mischievous mailbox vandalism and errant snow plow drivers.  Several companies offer reinforced boxes which are designed to withstand this type of abuse.  These boxes are more expensive than the typical standard mailbox, but more cost-effective in the long run.  If you can’t afford one of the more expensive models, then might want to consider keeping half-dozen less expensive boxes on hand for replacement.

Be cautious when attempting to create your own vandal-proof mailbox.  The post office discourages this practice for a number of reasons.  First, many home made mailboxes are not U.S. Postal approved and therefore the mail carrier may not place your mail in the box.  Second, if the mail carrier gets cut or receives a splinter or is injured in any way from your creation, then you can be liable for damages.  And third, approximately 100 motorists are killed every year in collisions with rural mailboxes.  Some residents construct mailboxes with indestructible supports.  In a collision, a motor vehicle can be severely damaged and it occupants severely injured or killed.

Placement of Mail Mount Mailboxes is Important

When erecting a new mailbox, the box should be positioned near the edge of the driveway and away from sprinklers.  The approach to the mailbox should be clear of obstacles to allow safe access for mail delivery.  The box should be approximately 42 to 46 inches tall.  Every mailbox must prominently display the owner’s name, street number and street name in letters at least one inch high on the side of the box with the flag (or on the door if the mailboxes are grouped).

A quick call to your home owner’s association will also tell you if there are any by-laws you need to be aware of that deal with residential mailboxes in your neighborhood.

Your personal style speaks volumes about who you are so it’s just natural that your style should be reflected in the mailbox you choose.  Many companies carry an impressive selection of mailboxes in various styles, colors and sizes.   From hand painted masterpieces to functional workhorses, there is a mailbox to fit your style. For the best deals, checkout Amazon.