Aluminum Locking Mail Box

Aluminum Locking Mail Box – For Securing Your Mail

Mail theft is the largest growing type of all thefts.  To help curtail identity mail theft, many homeowners are installing an aluminum secure mailbox to secure their mail and to keep would-be thieves at bay.  An aluminum locking mail box will help to deter most thieves from stealing your mail.

Many mailboxes are available with a built-in locking mechanism.  If your mailbox is not equipped with a lock or some type of secure device, you can purchase one from several online sources.  A lock is essential for deterring mail thieves and extremely important when the homeowner is away for several days and unable to retrieve the mail.   Also note that the U.S. Postal Service will not open locked mailboxes nor will they accept a key for that purpose.

Locks to secure your mail can be installed on various types and styles of mailboxes.  Many aluminum type mailboxes can also withstand typical mailbox abuse from bats, rocks, canned goods and accidental blows from a snowplow.  A snowplow can hit a mailbox and scatter its contents everywhere if the mailbox is not secure.   When installing a lock on an existing mailbox, make sure your mailbox is strong enough to withstand an attack.

Locking mailboxes should be large enough so that if the homeowner is away for several days, it can accommodate the overflow of mail and keep the mail secure.  When searching for a suitable locking mailbox choose one with a heavy duty lock that cannot easily be pried open.  It defeats the purpose of having a lock if someone can easily open it with a screwdriver.

The mailbox should also be constructed of durable material than cannot be damaged or opened with a saw, hammer, knife or any other type of destructive device.  Remember, when selecting a locking mailbox, look for one that has a strong lock, the box should be made of durable type material that will not break under pressure from bat-wielding hooligans or snowplows and has a secure mail slot large enough to accommodate your daily volume of mail.

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