Convenient Virtual Stamps For Letter and Packages

Virtual Stamps via Smartphones

Virtual Stamps Are Here!

Denmark is currently considering new technology to send mail in which there will be no need for a stamp!  This new technology could be rolled out in a matter of just a few weeks and is intended to augment the old fashioned “lick-‘em”, “stick-‘em” stamps.  Sweden is also looking at a similar process to create these virtual stamps for letter and small packages.

This is the way in which it will work:  if you want to mail a physical letter, you would text a number designated by the post office.  You will get a reply text back with a code number which you would simply transcribe on the envelope and then you can mail the letter in the normal way.

At the moment, the code you receive has to be utilized within seven days and it is also valid for mailing letters within Denmark.

What Will It Cost?

So how do you pay for this virtual stamp?  Well it appears that the Danish post office has partnered with mobile phone providers and the cost of the stamp that you purchase in this manner will actually appear on your phone bill.  The cost of the stamp for a normal size and weight letter is scheduled to be $1.49 which includes the cost of the texts back and forth with post office.

Although expensive, it is convenient if you desperately need to get a letter in the mail and cannot get to a place where stamps are sold.


  1. Sandra Alboro says

    I live in apartment complex and we have our mailbox on sight. can they change the key without notice and have me make a copy due to they did not make me one.

  2. Tracie says

    We live in a small cabin on the owners land. Can we put up our own mailbox and add 1/2 to their address creating our address or is there a process to go through like having to get a address aquire through the Postal Service to have our mail sent to?
    Thank you,
    Tracie S.

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