Wall Mount Mailboxes Can Be Both Functional and Stylish

Wall Mount Mailboxes - Solar IvyDistinguish your residence from other homes on your block with a stylish wall mount mailboxes.  No one wants to be a clone of their neighbor’s home!  A unique wall mounted mailbox can add pizzazz to your residence for your friends and family to admire and envy.

Wall Mount MailBoxes: Shapes, Style, and Orientation

Wall mount mailboxes are available in numerous shapes, sizes and styles. Wall mount mailboxes are generally installed on the exterior of the house by the front entry door.  Installing these boxes may require the use of mounting screws, a drill and anchors.  Wall mounted mailboxes are available in several different styles ranging from Victorian to modern.

For your convenience, many manufacturers design mailboxes in both vertical and horizontal formats for easy mounting.  Installing a wall box is easy.  Most manufacturers provide a step-by-step installation guide for easy mounting.  When mounting, use #8 or #10 pan head Phillips screws of adequate length to anchor the mailbox.  For wood panel walls, screw length should be approximately one inch.  For masonry, stucco or metal walls, you will typically require #8 plastic anchors and screws. For a wide variety of quality house mounted mailboxes, checkout the selection at Amazon.

When selecting wall mount mailboxes, carefully consider the size of the box needed.  How much mail do you receive on a daily basis?  Do you need an extra-large T3 size box or is a standard T1 size adequate?  Sizes vary from small letter-size only boxes to extra-large for heavier daily mail delivery.

Evaluate the placement of the box.  Make sure it is far enough away from the sprinkler so the contents don’t get soaked.

What are Wall Mount MailBoxes Made Of?

Wall mounted boxes are generally constructed of highly durable plastics, brass, wrought iron, galvanized metals or stainless steel and most are rust resistant.  Some of the more modern wall mount mailboxes are made of durable composite materials. Some boxes are of the standard rectangle variety but many square with beautifully decorated outer shells.

Before purchasing your new box, look it over carefully.  Is it weatherproof?  The finish on the outside of the box should not require any type of maintenance other than wiping with a damp cloth.  Are instructions included to guide you through the installation process?

Another important feature that is easily overlooked is how much sound it generates when the lid closes.  Mailbox lids should not sound like a gun being fired in the house when the flap slams shut!  Many wall mount mailboxes incorporate a mechanism to allow the lid to close softly for quiet operation. Amazon carries an excellent line of wall hung mailboxes.

Wall Mount Mailboxes

Wall Mounted Mailbox Security

An important accessory for any mailbox is a locking mechanism.  Mailbox locks help to curtail identity theft, mail theft, and vandalism.  Locks are critically important when the homeowner is away for several days and unable to retrieve the mail.

To help prevent mail theft, purchase a sturdy, lockable mailbox that cannot be easily pried open or stolen.  Many vandals get a thrill out of whacking a mailbox with a baseball bat.  Mailbox designers have designed specific boxes which can withstand that type of abuse.

Many manufacturers offer a variety of accessories for your box.  Some offer separate newspaper holders and some boxes and holders are designed as one piece.  Other accessories include personalized name plates, outgoing mail flags to alert the mail carrier of outgoing mail, mailbox lights for when it’s dark and mail chimes to alert the homeowner when their mail is delivered.

Check With Your Local Post Office

The U.S. Postal Service does not govern wall mount mail boxes, however, you should notify your local mail carrier before installation to ensure proper positioning of the mailbox and check for any local codes or regulations governing placement of the box.  The product should operate easily and nothing should obstruct the opening and closing of the lid.  Also check with your home owners association to see if they have any by-laws which you need to comply with.

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