Aluminum Mailbox Vertical

Aluminum Mailbox – Vertical Aluminum Mailboxes Adds a Touch of Elegance

Aluminum vertical mailboxes are available in a variety of styles and designs.  An aluminum vertical mailbox can dress up the outside of the front entry of your home.

The aluminum vertical style wall mount mailbox is constructed using durable high-quality aluminum and is rust resistant.  Aluminum is highly durable and can withstand normal mailbox abuse.

Many of these vertical wall mount mailboxes incorporate a built in newspaper holder.  These models are one piece and are exempt from the U.S. Postal Service code.  Other accessories include name plates, mailbox lights, and mail chimes to alert the homeowner when their mail is delivered.   An important accessory for any mailbox is a locking mechanism. Mailbox locks help to curtail identity theft, mail theft, and vandalism.

Generally, a vertical mount mailbox is installed next to the front entry of your home.  Installing the vertical wall mount mailboxes may require the use of mounting screws, a drill and anchors.  Vertical wall mount mailboxes are available in styles ranging from Victorian to modern.  Installing a vertical style wall mount mailbox is easy. Most manufacturers provide a step-by-step installation guide for easy mounting.

Another important feature that is easily overlooked is how much sound it generates when the lid closes.  Mailbox lids should not sound like a gun being fired in the house when the flap slams shut!  Many wall mount mailboxes incorporate a mechanism to allow the lid to close softly for quiet operation.  The U.S. Postal Service does not govern wall mount mailboxes, however, you should notify your local mail carrier before installation to ensure proper placement of the mailbox and check for any local codes or regulations governing placement of the box.


  1. Donna says

    I recently moved our mailbox for safety Reasons. The mail carrier had to park his/her truck in a travel lane in front of our house and hope no one hit them. I moved the mailboxes to the side of the house where we enter. I gave the postal carrier a letter informing them that I was going to do this and if there was a problem please let me know. I waiting approx. 3 weeks to do this.
    The letter carrier now refuses to deliver mail. When one of my tenants went to the post office to ask for her mail, the postal worker said I have no right to just move the boxes. I have looked for a law to see if I have the right to put the mailboxes in a common place. They are on the side of our home at our other apartment house and not In the front. I live in Massachusetts does anyone know of any law saying where they legally have to be placed?

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