Antique Brass Wall Mount Mailbox

Antique Brass Wall Mount Mailbox – For the Sophisticated Homeowner

Antique brass wall mount mailboxes are available in numerous shapes, sizes and styles.  An antique brass wall mounted mailbox is generally installed by the front entry door of your home.

Installing these mailboxes may require the use of mounting screws, a drill and anchors. These can be mounted horizontally or vertically.   Brass wall mount mailboxes are available in styles ranging from Victorian to modern.  Manufactures have designed wall mount mailboxes in both vertical and horizontal formats for easy mounting.

Installing a wall mount mailbox is easy.  Most manufacturers provide a step-by-step installation guide for easy mounting.  When mounting, use #8 or #10 pan head Phillips screws of adequate length to anchor the mailbox.  For wood panel walls, screw length should be approximately one inch.  For masonry, stucco or metal walls, use a minimum #8 plastic anchor and screw.

The Huntington Wall mount mailbox is constructed of heavy duty solid brass sheets and bar stock.  There are two finishes available for the antique mailbox: Polished antique or antique patina.  Some boxes are of the standard rectangle variety but many square with beautifully decorated outer shells.  These mailboxes provide ample storage with a vintage look.  Installing a brass wall mount mail box has its advantages.  One is the brass is durable and if taken care of, it will last several years.  Another advantage is installing a wall mount mailbox next to the entry way makes it easier for the homeowner to retrieve the mail.

You can purchase a brass wall mount mailbox from reputable online merchants.  Be weary of purchasing an inexpensive mailbox.  Spending a little extra money by purchasing a brass mailbox will save you a huge headache in the long run.

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